Now Hiring Part-Time Certified Flight Instructors

Earn up to $600 on two full days of work!

• Fly two 3-hour blocks of flying, up to two 

  days per week.

• If you want more money, add $50 per flight 

   hour up to as many hours as you'd like.


✓Two days of flying requires flexibility around 

    weather conditions as you get paid for  

    flight hours.

✓ CFI and CFI-I required. If not yet obtained, 

    Alpha Aviation will provide discounted 

    training if a Conditional job offer is 

    provided to you at interview.

✓Alpha Aviation has a growing fleet including 

   the Cessna Skyhawk (C172) and Cessna Cardinal (C177RG) with multi-engine aircraft acquisitions in process. Experience 

   in make & model preferred, experience 

   requirements fluctuate and will be 

   discussed upon job application submittal.

✓Upon aircraft insurance pilot-add approval, 

    be prepared for an oral review and 

    checkout flight with Chief CFI. 

✓Checkout flight is paid training provided.

✓Expect to have a dedicated AAPD student, 

   please allow student to complete a full 

   phase of the AAPD program before 

   resigning as a training benefit and courtesy 

   to the student.

Email resume to to receive an application form.


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