Alpha Aviation Professional Development Program (AAPD)

Do you dream of becoming a Professional Pilot? The AAPD Program is one of the the quickest and most affordable ways to take a starting student pilot with no experience to commercial pilot. You can complete the entire program in 150 training days, giving you a pipeline to an airline pilot career!

Alpha Aviation, Inc., is owned and managed by airline pilots. We have a thorough understanding of today's marketplace, and how to prepare students for professional pilot careers. We have provided a safe, professional non-profit program to meet needs of aspiring Professional Pilots!

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Path to Success


Phase 1 - Private Pilot License (PVT)

70 Flight Hours, 60 Days

· PVT Student Solo, including Solo Cross Country flights (10 Hours)

· PVT Instruction, (60 Hours)

· Phase 1 training duration planned for 60 days, which includes bad weather days, self-study ground school, Written FAA Exam and check ride completion.

If Phase 1 is completed ahead of schedule, flight hours roll over into future phases.

Phase 2 - Instrument Rating (IR)

60 flight hours, 50 days.

· 60 Hours of flight instruction.

· Two students training in the same aircraft simultaneously .

· Written FAA Exam

One student will observe the flight lesson in the back seat while the other student is receiving instruction; then swap. (Common Backseat Flying). This is a cost-cutting, time-saving opportunity for students. Two students are required to partner together through this phase.

Phase 3 - Airline Style, Crew; Cross-Country PIC Time Building

100 flight hours, 30 days

· 100 PIC Cross Country (XC) hours with an Instrument Rated Safety Pilot.

· Both pilots share the operating costs of the flight.

· Two-pilot crew needed to meet requirements.

· Flights will be dispatched, flight planned and monitored by active airline pilots for an added layer of safety.

Phase 4 - Commercial Pilot ASEL

10 Hours, 10 days

· Dual given to prepare for Commercial Pilot Checkride

· Written FAA Exam

Phase 5 - Multi-Engine Add-On Rating


Why Alpha Aviation?

Low Cost

The average cost for a student pilot to pay for training up to the Commercial Pilot licence is over $85,000. We are proud to offer this package for $35,000*

That's nearly $50,000 in savings compared to other flight training programs in the US!

*Prices subject to change

Learn a Trade

Become a drone pilot and work for us while you are training!

Drone piloting is becoming one of the fastest growing careers. Get a bird's eye view while earning some extra money.

Employment Opportunities

We offer pipeline employment opportunities upon earning your Commercial Pilot License. Build more flight hours with us as a paid/compensated Commercial Pilot!

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