Tour Flights and Lessons

Sightseeing Tour Flights


Alpha Aviation offers sightseeing tour flights.

Up to three passengers at a time will enjoy the experience of their own personal tour flight of

New York City or Long Island!

Experience breathtaking views of New York City via the Hudson River, or soar over the Hamptons and gorgeous beaches of Long Island.

Each flight lasts one hour and can be enjoyed by up to three people for only $170 plus tax.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

Visibility must be greater than 5 statute miles, ceiling greater than 4,000 on the day of the flight. Weight and height restrictions specific for each aircraft. We will give a 24 hour notice of inclement weather forecast and reschedule if needed. 

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Discovery Flight


A discovery flight is available to individuals who are seeking to discover the thrill and beauty of flight for the first time.

This important flight is the most effective way to properly introduce aviation enthusiasts to flying. Many enthusiasts make important decisions to pursue pilot certification based on their discovery flight experience.

Our goal at Alpha Aviation is to take our time, and give the aviation enthusiast our best effort and professional attention necessary to make informed decisions.

This two-hour block of time will include one hour of flight, instructional time, and a chance to ask any questions for $170 plus taxes.

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